Thank you to the following people and resources:

John J Kneen, MA, RIStOO (Norway) -  The Personal Names of the Isle of Man (1937).

This work has been very helpful and I am grateful to the author for all his dedication and commitment in producing this.

Manx Y DNA Project - Thank you to John Creer who has created the Manx Y-DNA project which seeks to assess and analyse the spread and diversity of Y-DNA profiles present in men of Manx origin and identify their early origins before their families arrived on the Isle of Man.

View the report: Detailed Results for each Family Name.

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Rob Teare - Thank you to Rob who kindly reviewed some of the Manx Gaelic I was using and both corrected and offered alternative options where appropriate. Of course, there may be other ways to convey what I have written as the language is expansive and expressive but what you see is some simple Manx and my own personal choice.

Rob has created the Manx Corpus which is a free and open resource containing over 1.8 million Manx words and 700+ documents.  Search function is available in Manx and English.