Manx Family Names

Manx Y-DNA Project

The Manx Y-DNA Project was created by John Creer in 2010 and it seeks to assess and analyse the spread and diversity of Y-DNA profiles present in men of Manx origin and identify their early origins before their families arrived on the Isle of Man.

There is a distinct group of family names which are unique to the Isle of Man - and the Manx population will be a mixture of old Irish, Early British Isles, Scandinavian/N European and some Scottish DNA. The purpose of the project is to try and clarify some of the early genetic origins of the Manx and to try and identify where the early Manx settlers came from and possibly when they arrived.

The database now contains the Y-DNA results for more than 600 men of Manx descent covering some 117 (completely) and 15 (partially) of the surviving 130-135 early Manx family names.

Full information on the range of results achieved by the project can be found on the Manx Y-DNA Project website

If you are researching your Manx family ancestry, you will find valuable information here.